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 Shift-ONShift On: Twenty Stories of Turning Trials into Triumph


"Stop comparing yourself to other people. Gods plan is unique and custom made just for you"


"Read to an elderly person, say hello to an absolute stranger, call the person that's been on your mind, give to charity, buy lunch for your child's teacher, dare to dream and then start the process of living it"


"Truly Thankful!!!! I didn't win the lottery, and life is not problem free. It's just that when I think about the sacrifice that you made just for me, I can't help but be tearfully thankful!!!!"


"Don’t bring yesterdays problem into today's promise"

"Don't use today planning for tomorrow. Take advantage of the time God is providing right now."

"Sometimes you have to walk away,especially when what you're facing takes you off the path that God has for you"


“God is a straight A God.

Awesome, Available, Abundant, Absolute and All powerful!!!!!”

 “Offer assistance to someone today, and expect absolutely nothing in return. Don't even look for a thank you. Do it just because you can.”

 “I truly believe that Gods will align with our desires. We are His children and what parent doesn't want happiness, joy, provision, protection and peace for their child? I also know it's in His time, and His way.”


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Words from the Spirit for the Spirit is an inspirational, user-friendly book with nuggets of truth that can be mined on a lunch break, on the way to a job interview or as you prepare to face a new day. 

Community Outreach

American Heart Association Walk, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Community Partners of Denton, United Way, Sowers of Seeds, Denton County Friends of the Family, North Texas Chapter of Jack and Jill, Faith Christian School

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The Denton-Business Chronicle : pages 6 and 12
The Curtis Initiative
The Denton Record Chronicle

Book Signings

Chocolate Secrets
3926 Oak Lawn Avenue 
Dallas, TX 75219
June 1, 2013 | 3PM - 5PM